Should Bank of America make a run for the border?

Straight on the heels of a few high profile customers dropping their accounts based on the banks illegal immigrant credit card strategy, I find it somewhat ironic how their newest logo work just screams, “designed by committee”. Unfortunately for the chains stockholders they forgot to invite accessible designers to their meetings.

Take a look at the color model on their new logo. Seems oddly difficult to read doesn’t it? Apparently their chief designers forgot that dark on dark color models are not just difficult to read for Average-Man, but they are nearly impossible to interpret by color blind and others with vision impairments.

So what does that have to do with the border you ask? On a related retail note, Taco Bell in their new restaurant designs are moving to larger doors that can better accommodate wheelchairs (and possible larger-framed individuals). While ADA compliance likely drives these decisions, the doors at the new Belmont, NC location are extra wide, like 1.5x a normal commercial doorway.

So, should BofA take their queue from the Chihuahua chain? Only time will tell but the banks woes seem to be mounting which may not be good news for the Charlotte-based brand.

Bank of America low-contrast color model is not accessible


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