Can bloggers help Dr. Willard find his Tang?

I attended the NC Science Blogging Conference this past weekend on campus at UNC Chapel Hill.  My thanks to Bora Zivkovic and Anton Zuiker for organizing the con.

In the first session Dr. Hunt Willard, director of Duke University’s Institute for Genome Sciences and Policies reflected on how engaged America was with the space race in the 1960’s when compared with current society.  Another theme of Dr. Hunts presentation was his somewhat unsettled opinion of how blogging could help working scientists.

Early in his presentation, Dr. Willard mentioned Tang, that by-product of America’s space passion, as an example of how engaged the country was with high tech.  Even on our breakfast tables one might say.  A more modern example of space race technology brought down to earth might be GPS car navigation systems, something most people are starting to get a handle on.

It would appear that with genetics, a vastly complex and controversial science topic in America today, one of Dr. Willard’s challenges, especially with his policy role, might be to find his Tang.  While a number of applications for genetics research are being discussed, what one application do you think will make its way alongside Tang in the American vernacular of science and technology?

Blog your thoughts and maybe we can help Dr. Willard find his Tang.

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  1. Robert, Off my head…
    Theres good and bad in every approach. As a direct result of NASA research, we have so many everyday day to day nice things – GPS, protective fire suits that are thin for firemen, lightweight material shoes, etc. On the bad side, we have DOLLY the Sheep [Genetic disaster!]
    Good side of technology – progress, as a result, bad side in economy – outsourcing..

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