Dear Charlotte Observer

The good news is the Charlotte O circ guy is fast, and gun-slinger-ready to run down their marketing contractor. And for the record, the FCC complain site works just as well for out of whack telesales teams, as it does SMS text message spam. Had the privilege today of receiving and reporting both.

And you should too.. the system works less well when we don’t take the time to report-in on such matters.


Dear Charlotte Observer Ann Caulkins et all

Today your telemarketers called my cell phone.

I asked to be removed from your list and was ignored.

I asked to speak to a supervisor and was ignored.

I contacted your telemarketer and they have no way to leave a message or accept do not call input.

Your telemarketing is illegal when you do not respond to customer do not call requests and consumer declarations.

I suggest you look into the practices of your telemarketing company.

I suggest you stop operating as if customer declarations and do not call intent are to be ignored as that behavior on your part constitutes illegal telemarketing.

I am a great advocate of journalism, and have strong empathy for your business situation, but illegal marketing practices are not a forward thinking strategy for the 21st century. I expect better execution of advertising and marketing practices from the anchor player in advertising for the Charlotte North Carolina area. Your reputation in part rests in the minds of those in your community that support you. Driving your sales message home with the zeal of a unstoppable volcano, as was done to me today – ignoring consumer advocacy laws, or even the decency of respecting consumer conversational requests – is not the way to earn the support of your community.

cc: My blog, my Twitter account, my Facebook account, and every person I can tell in the next 30 days.

As if you have not figured this out already – I’m pissed. “Your guy” wasted minutes of my time – but hours of my mental concentration. In the peer-business exchange of life, I just got rogered.

Robert Reddick


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