You too can pay to apply for this job

I’ve uncovered some disturbing trends for job seekers recently; even started to receive warning notices from Monster on a few.

There’s the usual… Postal re-mailing, and foreign finance processing scams, but here’s the ugly.. I followed an interested job link this week only to discover it was an ad for a job search service, and for the nominal fee of $10 for a three day pass, I too could apply for this job. Yuck. I won’t mention the nasty-co by name, they don’t deserve the ink-bits, but safe to say, buyers beware.

In the same genre, I’ve also started to see a number of clones of job aggregators. Here, a company puts up a listing, drives traffic to their job board; then they clone their database, exact jobs, exact formula, under another web-brand. Of course Google will bury their juice for such tactics, but these guys get traffic from super job aggregators like, and their spam formulas are still trying to catch up. In my conversations with Indeed on the subject, they are well aware, and in the process of tweaking their methods, so good news is on the way in the job-spam front.


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