Past Forward

Many moons have passed since Ryan and I put the first INTV prototypes together. Our vision was to develop an Internet Television service for the masses. Our foundation, based in part on continuous-play streaming video; something only seems to have a handle on some 7 years after our efforts.

And so startups and visions sometimes go – into the past.

Moving forward, this week I listed our startup address, the premium domain for sale. I’ve hired the fine folks at to represent the sale. And with a few select emails and cross-postings, have let the word out about the listing.

For interested buyers, there is an information page here:

And for folks that wonder about my waxing on about our circa 2002 INTV efforts, I’ll simply ask you to remember those times in your life when you were doing something you truly believed in.

For the entrapraneurs in our midst – that do step up the the edge… The journey is the reward. Sacrifice without legend. The experience of experience. These are, more often than not, the past we trade in as we move forward with our lives.


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