Long form video trumps

Short attention span web-television is not the entire story. Reacting to a NYTimes article, MarketingVOX points out, longer form should not be counted out.

At INTV in 2002, and up through our current release on intv.com, Ryan Fields and I believe long form has legs. Back in the day I had an investor tell me with absolute seriousness that people would never watch television on computers. The sad fact is, that guy, like so many business people just did not understand the shifting device marketplace. It’s not television on a computer, it’s a computer controlling a video signal.

Take a look at these two charts. In the first we see, in the aggregate, almost 50% of users watch online video on a separate display device from their primary computer monitor (not including mobile). In the second, note that 70% say they’ll cut cable within 5 years because the programming they want is either only on the net, or is of better quality. These are the trends Ryan and I have been projecting now for a decade. No, we have not made the leap to be as famous as RC Cola, but at least we’re still slugging it out and trying to make a difference.

TV Chart Cable Cutters

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