Failure to plan on your part…

So Bruton Smith wants to build a drag strip. Fine. Just like every other business he can apply and pay for his development permits, and upon approval can get started.

I doubt seriously that the City of Concord wants to block the project.. but grading before permits, or even siting review seems like poor planning on Mr. Smiths part. It looks to me like he promised this thing out the NHRA, didn’t get his planning ducks in a row early enough, and just started hiring work teams in hopes of skirting formal civic planning.

In all this fuss over the speedway owners project I still have not seen on a map where the quarter mile is sited. Seems to me that that is the key to being a good neighbor, finding responsible placement for your noisy activities.

So where on this massive property is he trying to site? Surely not right next to a housing area on the fringes of his tract?

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