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intv domain auction live now

intv.com domain auction has now started. You can submit bids using this link: http://bit.ly/bidnow-intv, or by visiting the Moniker auctions page here: http://domainauctions.moniker.com/2010/DOMAINfest-Prague.

intv.com domain auction ends next week, Wednesday October 13th, at 3:15pm ET.


Domain intv.com auction announcement

I’ve just released domain intv.com to the kind folks at Moniker.com for their DOMAINfest Prague auction October 6 – 13, 2010.  Ryan and I designed our INTV venture (info site) around intv.com.  Time to move on as they say.

Note: on the bid.intv.com page / bottom left – there’s a spike in the keywords graph. That’s the Google TV “over-the-top” (OTT) announcement May 2010.

intv.com domain auction announcement

intv.com domain auction announcement

Some fanatics are off the chart

Please be advised. Fanatics do not a nation, or a religion make.  Thank you for your attention.

Greenfield be damned

Chick-Fil-A caved. Or, they see the light – at least in Birmingham they do.

Quick service businesses will always want drive thrus and greenfield development.  Big boxes will always want new construction, set-backs, and massive flat-lots. But. When communities stand up for themselves. When their politicians and ultimately their building codes stand for more sensible development better infrastructure emerges.

When chain retail – or their customers wake up they’ll see that we are all part of the next generation. The hazard is how-stinking-long-change-takes.  Baby steps are better than none. Congrats Chick-Fil-A – now finish the job and show that you follow your own motto of creating success in communities. RT RT RT.