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intv domain auction live now domain auction has now started. You can submit bids using this link:, or by visiting the Moniker auctions page here: domain auction ends next week, Wednesday October 13th, at 3:15pm ET.

Domain auction announcement

I’ve just released domain to the kind folks at for their DOMAINfest Prague auction October 6 – 13, 2010.  Ryan and I designed our INTV venture (info site) around  Time to move on as they say.

Note: on the page / bottom left – there’s a spike in the keywords graph. That’s the Google TV “over-the-top” (OTT) announcement May 2010. domain auction announcement domain auction announcement

Some fanatics are off the chart

Please be advised. Fanatics do not a nation, or a religion make.  Thank you for your attention.

Greenfield be damned

Chick-Fil-A caved. Or, they see the light – at least in Birmingham they do.

Quick service businesses will always want drive thrus and greenfield development.  Big boxes will always want new construction, set-backs, and massive flat-lots. But. When communities stand up for themselves. When their politicians and ultimately their building codes stand for more sensible development better infrastructure emerges.

When chain retail – or their customers wake up they’ll see that we are all part of the next generation. The hazard is how-stinking-long-change-takes.  Baby steps are better than none. Congrats Chick-Fil-A – now finish the job and show that you follow your own motto of creating success in communities. RT RT RT.

Stephen Monteserin drives it home

Stephen (imbd) from The Last Passport movie still cruizin in this mug from the set of Redneck Roots, @redneckroots.  Indie Roots is being filmed in-and-around Charlotte including my home base, Mount Holly / Stanley NC. Go Stephen Go.